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I asked Google "how to lose weight.

And then he gave me this. Not a single item on the list actually aids in weight loss.
I can see a person reading each item on their list of favorite foods, crossing off a dozen options, feeling sad, and getting ready for the tough times.
In all honesty, the goal should be to create a caloric deficit in order to lose weight.
The internet seems to want to confuse dieters rather than support them.
The things mentioned are definitely not the simplest method. One of the challenging ones.
How is it going with the at-home weight loss?
Exists a lab environment? Or the factory, when you make your birth's default settings?
How this is possible in the information age has always baffled me. When almost any research can be accessed, scientists are producing movies and running their own specialized blogs.
I then had a different way of thinking.
Perhaps the same way the anti-science community is united by the Internet, so is the skeptical, scientifically inclined community.
It appeared that the Internet would provide us with accessible education and online libraries. Yes, but only for those who truly required it.
We gave up sweets and switched to granola bars, honey, nuts, and dried fruit instead.
fat was lost, and hormones were lost. and a typical sense of wellbeing.
Not even calorie-free sodas, right?
Take all the water you want. A typical adult needs between 30 and 40 ml of fluid for every kg of body weight. For athletes, 50 ml. not the 2 liter unit of measure.
Consider all liquids, not just water, such as soup, compote, juice, tea, and coffee.
Reduced salt consumption is a detrimental suggestion. Ick, ick, ick.
The most significant macronutrient is salt.
After a long, hungry day, what's wrong with a juicy, fatty burger?
even if the cost is only 1,000 kk?
And meals prepared at home are low in calories.
No specifics and conditional conventions.
All of the points will only increase the instability of dieting.

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