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Strength training treats type II diabetes.

One of the best ways to treat type II diabetes, one of the top 10 killers in the world, is to combine aggressive caloric restriction with frequent strength training.
Only 8 (!) weeks of training resulted in a complete remission of diabetes.

The rhetoric shifts from "the force is good" to "the force heals," which is interesting. This represents a significant change in how illness is understood and treated.

People who are strong, dry, and muscular and who have normal genetics have almost no chance of developing type II diabetes.
Nevertheless, it's still a widespread misconception that diabetes cannot be treated and that the only effective options are medications.

Up until recently, a lot of people, including many doctors, thought that strength training was bad for you. This only applies to irresponsible people and steroid and/or performing bodybuilders who opt for the "hard way of irrational decisions" and romanticize it for some reason. These individuals are essentially the ones who scaremonger the most.

Recreational natural bodybuilding has great health advantages. Lean and muscular exercise greatly increases insulin sensitivity, which in turn reduces chronic inflammation, in addition to the myriad health benefits we've already covered. Additionally, healthy levels of glucose, insulin, and inflammation lower the risk of almost all other diseases.

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