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Lower fat Abdomenal

It's a common scenario: you lose weight, your face is already noticeably burned, your arms are getting thinner, your shoulders and breasts have a lovely form, but your belly is saying, "Hey, I'm still here!"
There is no secret, let me say that right away.
, the area of the abdomen where fat is stored initially has a higher density of fat cells.
Second, the capillary network and blood flow are inadequate, making it challenging for numerous signaling hormones to enter the stomach.
Third, a particular hormone is secreted by the abdominal muscles that lessens the rate at which fat is burned.
This is therefore being compressed.
Lower abdominal fat cannot be lost all at once.
Multiple rounds of weight loss and rest are preferable.
The number of cycles, initial percentage of fat, and consumption amount (so as not to be at a subsistence level) all affect how long weight reduction cycles last.
The less of a calorie deficit and how long it lasts to maintain your muscles slim depends on your body fat percentage.
Don't divide the weight loss periods if your intake has decreased to 1300 kk per day for ladies and 1500-1600 kk per day for males as a result of your weight reduction. max. 1–2 months. Better still, take a 6- to 8-month break from the deficit and increase your levels of spending and activities.
It's almost impossible to shed weight at a low fat percentage or even with a little calorie reserve. Hunger will mess with your head.
It is preferable to reduce the length of each weight reduction cycle by 1-2 weeks compared to the last one.
If a large cycle left your lower abdomen unaffected, take a break for 6–8 months, then repeat the process.
12 months of work should be stored.
After reading all of this information, many people decide "I don't need it that much."
And everything is unique. Some people lose everything evenly, while others lose everything except the stomach, thus they finish the process in a few sessions.
Oh, I see. Cling film wrapping, massages that remove the skin, and various brushes won't work.
Good fortune!

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